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Soap & Glory

There is nothing better than soaking in a nice long bath with plenty of bubbles or a warm shower and a nice body butter to lather on when you get out to keep the skin moisturised. My all time favourite range of girly bath and beauty products is Soap & Glory. Not only are the names of the products quirky and fun, they also smell delicious and are really affordable.

 I find when I want to try out a new body scrub or  moisturiser I end up buying a large bottle and if I don't like it I am left with it and have wasted money. The great thing with Soap & Glory is that they sell most of their range in sample/travel sizes as well.

I buy all my Soap & Glory products from Boots but you can also find it in Harvey Nichols. There is often a 2 for 3 on the range in Boots which is an incentive to try something new. They also do fantastic sets which are great for gift idea and also just treats for yourself.

Firstly, when I get home from a long day at work, I like to take off my make up with the Off Your Face cleansing wipes. They come in a pack of 25 and feel nice on the skin. I have pretty sensitive skin and tend to take reactions to certain products but don't have any problems with these. I first tried these when I got one of the gift sets but have since gone out and bought more myself.

Off Your Face Facial Cleansing Wipes

Then when my face is nice and clean I like get ready for a nice hot shower and I always use my Clean On Me shower gel. This has a really creamy texture and comes in a large bottle with a pump so it is really handy as your not squeezing it or dropping it while you try to shake out the product. The smell is glorious and really lasts on the skin.
Clean On Me

As I am a tan-a-holic I like to exfoliate so I have two scrubs which I love to use. The first is Pulp Friction, this is a really fruity scrub. It is pretty thick and has loads of scrubbing beads so really helps remove tan and dead skin from the surface. It comes in a squeezy tube and comes out like a white paste. I also love Flake Away, again this has the signature smell. It comes in a tub which you can dig your hand into and take as much product as you like. It too has plenty of scrubbing beads, and resembles brown sugar in the tub, its pretty thick but spreads on well. I also have the exfoliating mitts which I like to use on places like my elbows or knees and heels when I am trying to remove tan as they really give a good scrub.

Flake Away

Pulp Friction

Sometimes I like to relax in a bath if I have the time so then I like to use Calm One, Calm All bath lotion. Again this comes in a large bottle or the travel size bottle. You only need a small drop as it really bubbles up when it hits the water. It too has the same fruity, girly fragrance which helps you relax and unwind.

Calm One, Calm All

I like to exfoliate my face maybe once or twice a week so I have a couple of face wash's from the range also which I love. Scrub Your Nose In It is a marvellous facial wash, it can also be left on for a few minutes as a face mask for a more deep cleanse. I tend to get black heads around my nose so this is a good product for that. The next facial wash is Face Soap and Clarity. This is a 3-in-1 daily detox wash. It has gentle scrubbing beads which really clean out all your pores. It has extracts of plum which they say is a super fruit and it can brighten you skin, so I guess it's worth using. This one has a more menthol scent but I think this really opens your senses and hopefully your pores for a more deep clean. The third face scrub I have is Greatest Scrub Of All, this has gentle exfoliating beads which seem to burst open when you rub it in so it feels like it is really getting in to the skin. I don't use this one as often as the other two but it is probably good if you have clear skin without blackheads as it is less intense on the skin.
Face Soap and Clarify

Scrub Your Nose In It

Greatest Scrub Of All

When I get out and dry off - and I am all wrinkly, I like to put on a layer of The Righteous Butter. This helps lock in moisture into the skin and is really creamy and luxurious on the skin. The scent really sinks into the skin and stays there throughout the day.

The Righteous Butter

On my face I use Clear Here which is an oil controlling gel for the t-zone. I have pretty oily skin on my face which is really annoying as my make up tends to slide off my face, so I try to use this to help battle that. It helps matify the skin in the t-zone area. Another face cream from the range is Glow Job, this is like a tinted moisturiser. It is a white coloured cream with little beads which burst when rubbed into the skin. It is meant to give you a slight glow but I find it just looks like I have a dirty face, which is never a good look after the age of 3. I personally don't like tinted moisturisers so perhaps that's why I am not a fan of this, however if you have sallow skin and only need a slight touch of colour this product would be great.

Glow Job

Clear Here
If I am going on a night out where I am showing my legs I always spray on Easy Glistening, this is described as an almond dry-oil. I used to put on a tiny bit of baby oil on my legs to make them look nice and glossy, but since I discovered this product I have never gone back. It doesn't smudge my tan which is an added bonus. It just makes legs look more attractive and's kind of hard to describe without putting the image of wet-look legs in your head. Trust me, this works and I always get comments and compliments when I use it. Be careful where you spray it though as I first used it in my bedroom which has a wooden floor, and returning from my night out I fell on my bottom as soon as I walked in the door, not from having too many drinks but just from the oil being all over the floor.I have since learnt my lesson and stand on a mat or towel when spraying it. You can also use it on your chest or shoulders just to highlight them.

Easy Glistening

I like to keep a tube of Hand Food in my locker in work as well as one at home. Washing your hands or even just the weather can dry them out so it is nice to have a good hand cream to keep them hydrated. This is a pretty popular product as I see it on a few desks around the office.

Hand Cream

When I feel like going the whole hog I use Heel Genius. This is a lovely foot cream which helps soften the skin on your heels. It's nice to put on before bed as it can soak in without having to put socks on, also in the summer when your feet are on show, its nice to give your little Piggy's a treat as well I guess.

Heel Genius

Soap & Glory also have a cosmetics and make-up range. I don't have many of these  as I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to make up, but I am definatly starting to venture out more, I really like the look of their bronzers and blushers. I previously used the Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil, I literally used it down to a stump so I don't have an original pic for you (sorry). This is a really fun product and goes on really well. It's double ended so one end shades in the brows and then the highlighter can go just on the brow bone to give some definition. I also use the Mother Pucker lip gloss. You have to be careful how you say that! This comes in a few shades but has special lip plumping spheres which while fill out your lips and make everyone want to kiss you. It tastes nice on the lips as I think it has like a chocolate orange flavour and gives a really nice glossy finish.

Mother Pucker

So there you go, I normally need another shower again I am finished putting on all that but I would definatly recommend using the Soap & Glory range. If you have some Boots advantage card points or feel like trying something new this is definatly direction to go in.

Large Soap & Glory Christmas Set

Soap & Glory Gift Set
Apolagise if the lighting is off in some of the pics, it was dark all day. Bring on the summer! Let me know what you favourite product from the range is!
Sinead x

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  1. I am a total Soap and Glory addict nowadays! Liked reading your review, there's a few products here I haven't tried.. Didn't fancy Glow Job much and after reading this I am glad I didn't buy it full size to be disappointed!