Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Read All About It!!

I saw this newspaper nail art trick on a few other blogs so thought I would try it out myself. It sounds pretty simple to create but got a little tricky.

What you need:

Light nail colour - I used Avon Nailwear Pro in Vintage Blue
Clear nail polish  - O.P.I Top Coat
Newspaper text
Rubbing alcohol - I just used vodka
Cotton wool/pads

Firstly paint your nails with the light nail colour, wait until they are fully dry then place the newspaper text side down on your nails. soak the cotton wool/pad in the alcohol and squeeze so it's not dripping every where. Rub this across the paper so the text transfers onto your nail.
It might be best to ask someone to help you for your first attempt as I found the paper moved a bit while trying to do it myself, so my text looks kind of smudgy, but I thought this looked cool as well.
Peel the paper back and you will have your text printed on your nails. Give this a few seconds to settle then put on a top coat to stop the text wearing off.

I hope you can see it clearly enough from my pics.
All the news at your finger tips, literally! :)

Love, Sinead x

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