Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Read All About It!!

I saw this newspaper nail art trick on a few other blogs so thought I would try it out myself. It sounds pretty simple to create but got a little tricky.

What you need:

Light nail colour - I used Avon Nailwear Pro in Vintage Blue
Clear nail polish  - O.P.I Top Coat
Newspaper text
Rubbing alcohol - I just used vodka
Cotton wool/pads

Firstly paint your nails with the light nail colour, wait until they are fully dry then place the newspaper text side down on your nails. soak the cotton wool/pad in the alcohol and squeeze so it's not dripping every where. Rub this across the paper so the text transfers onto your nail.
It might be best to ask someone to help you for your first attempt as I found the paper moved a bit while trying to do it myself, so my text looks kind of smudgy, but I thought this looked cool as well.
Peel the paper back and you will have your text printed on your nails. Give this a few seconds to settle then put on a top coat to stop the text wearing off.

I hope you can see it clearly enough from my pics.
All the news at your finger tips, literally! :)

Love, Sinead x

Sunday, 15 January 2012


I was just following my usual hair care routine when I realised I used so many different products so thought I would give you a run down of some of my favourites and some that I kind of regret buying. I just love big hair, the more volume the better. I love the saying "the higher your hair, the closer you are to Heaven".
I normally back comb my hair like crazy, which I know is bad as it can snap my hair, but once I spend time looking after it and getting it trimmed every so often I think I am alright - if your a hairdresser your probably saying otherwise!

I think the basis to good hair is a good shampoo and conditioner, I sometimes find it hard to find a brand that suits my hair type as I tend to have hair that gets greasy pretty quickly but I also get a bit of dandruff from time to time - I guess it would be a miracle shampoo that would combat both at once! I used to just go for the shampoos which had a nice smell but now I try to pick one that actually has some benefit for my hair. I tried the Aussie brand a while back, I know it can be pricey but I shop around so often or not it will be on special in Boots or Tesco. I like the Mega Shampoo and Conditioner, it leaves my hair pretty glossy and has a nice smell. It is supposed to eliminate build up on your scalp so I like it for that quality aswell.
I also use the Pantene Volume & Body. It is says it is for fine hair, which I don't have, but I wanted to see if it actually was any good for giving body. It works well when I have the time to blow dry my hair, but sometimes I just run the straighteners through my hair if I am in a hurry, so then I just like it for the fresh smell.

As I said I sometimes suffer from dry scalp, I think this could be due to an over use of hairspray or something, but it was starting to bother me so I tried using Head & Shoulders for a while but if I am honest I didn't see much of a difference so I decided to try Neutrogena T/Gel. this has worked wonders and I now only have to use it maybe once a week in between my regular shampoo and conditioner. The liquid is clear so it was a bit tricky to photograph, hope you can see it.

My new FAVOURITE hair product is John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder spray...bit of a mouth full there. I have naturally fair hair but I get highlights aswell. I had heard this was good for lightening the roots in between salon visits, and OMG does it work well!! I just wash my hair like normal then spray this through the roots when wet, I'm not particular where I spray it so it is literally fool proof. I haven't had my highlights done since November so I had roots, but since using this I can honestly say I probably won't need to get them done now for a while. It took about 3 to 4 uses before I noticed a real difference, so if you try it once and don't see much of difference, have patience. I tend to wash my hair every second day or there abouts so I don't use it after every wash, maybe just once or twice a week is more than enough. I'm not sure how this works if you have naturally dark hair which is coloured blonde, let me know if your using it on dark roots.

When I am not using my Go Blonder spray I use Charles Worthington Front Row blow dry spray. I don't really like to use moose as it leaves my hair a bit crispy so instead I just spray a bit of this in the roots when my hair is wet and blow dry like normal. It works well when you turn your head upside down when drying.

My Mam got me a really nice hamper from the hair salon for Christmas and in it was the Uniq One spray. I had seen this in salon windows and there was a bit of hype about it. It can only be bought in salons so it is probably expensive but I think it could be worth it. I honestly wasn't sure what it was, but it is actually an all in one hair care treatment. Again it is just spray which goes on to wet hair before blow drying. I really love the smell of this spray and the great thing it actually stays on your hair even after straightening and putting on hairspray. It has left my hair super soft and I actually feel like my hair is much healthier since using it. I would definitely recommend this if you hair is in need of some instant TLC as it works straight away. The bottle I got is pretty big and I spray it all over my hair but I only seem to have used a small amount so far so it will last a good while.

Another product which I had heard a lot of people talking about was Moroccan Oil so like most people I jumped on the band waggon and headed for the shops to get some, turns out it is pretty expensive so I was less eager to try it. Instead I looked for other brands doing their own version of it and I found Lee Staffords Arganoil from Morocco - which I guess is pretty much the same thing. I literally used one drop and rubbed it between my hands and just combed my fingers through the ends of my wet hair. It too works really well leaving a nice glossy finish and my hair feeling soft. I'm lucky that my hair is in generally good condition so I only use this every so often but if your hair is broken I think this could really help. It can be used on dry hair also but I haven't actually tried it like that yet.

After I have used all my lotions and potions and created a big hair look to rival Bridget Bardot I always use my fail safe hairspray L'Oreal Elnett. I don't have a favourite hold, at the moment I am using Supreme Hold. I normally go for the stronger hold rather than natural hold as I feel it keeps my hair in place much better but also lets it move freely without looking frozen. I normally keep a small can in my handbag on nights out as well just in case I need a touch up. I have tried plenty of other hairsprays after seeing adverts and reading other reviews but I really just love this brand, it doesn't leave your hair looking wet and is easily just brushed out.

Sometimes I just like to use a hair serum instead of hairspray if I am leaving my hair straight or have dried it naturally and wanted to just define the wave. I have been using the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Flawless  Finishing Creme. I just need a tiny pea sized amount in my hand which I just run through the ends of my hair. It takes away that frizzy static look and still allows my hair to move without leaving it like straw. Another product which was in my hamper from my Mam was the Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquidi. This again is a salon brand. It is a really luxurious product, it is more of an oil than a cream but again it really finishes the look if your wearing your hair straight, it stops any fly away hairs and really leaves the hair glossy and shiny. This glass bottle will literally last forever as again you only need the tiniest amount in your hair.

I know many of you will disagree with my next product when I say the name, it's Batiste Dry Shampoo. I know its main purpose is to give a clean look to the hair if your between washes, but I don't really use it for that. I normally use it on my roots when backcombing as it helps give volume to the hair, it dries the root which gives it a real lift. I don't use it all the time, just when I want some extra added volume but I think it is a good product for this purpose, I have recently purchased the Big and Bouncy XXL Volume but if I am honest the original type is just as good.

I just have a few different types of brushes and combs which I use, firstly I have a paddle brush which is good for just day to day brushing, I am currently just using one which I got in Primark, it is the exact same as the pricier brands and doesn't break my hair like you would think it would seeing as it is so cheap. I also have a large round bristle brush, this is good for blow drying my hair, it gives a good lift from the root as it is big, I think I just got this in a chemist. I then have my most favourite brush, my Denman backcombing brush. I searched high and low for one of these but eventually found one in Tesco believe it or not. It was a little pricey but if I lost this brush I think it would be like loosing my left arm. Obviously this is an excellent brush for back combing but also for smoothing out the top when finished. It's also pink which makes it even nicer. My favourite comb is my pin tail comb from Boots, this is really good at getting super straight splits as well as getting into the root when backcombing. Lastly I have my little pink heart detangler, again this brush is from Primark, I bought this solely on the grounds of it being pink and in the shape of a heart. I have really knotty hair so I thought I would try it out on wet hair and it worked so well, I couldn't believe it. Definitely worth buying.

I have a few products which I have tried and tested and honestly feel like they were a bit of a waste so thought I would share them with you also, in case you were going to get them too. Firstly I got the Lee Stafford My Big Fat Textured Super Hair. It's a thick formula at the bottom and more watery on top so you need to shake the bottle to mix the product up. I found this left my hair a bit sticky and clumpy. I guess if I used maybe a little less it could work but I don't think it was worth buying. I also have Schwarzkopf Got2B Powder'ful. This is a powder which you sprinkle onto the roots to give extra body and volume and supposed to give you big hair. Instead it left a really horrible texture on my hair, didn't give any extra volume and left me feeling like I needed to wash my hair all over again. I wouldn't buy this again. Finally I got the Umberto Giannini Backcomb In A Bottle. I thought this was going to be my wonder product and save me from hours of endless backcombing but instead it's just a dry shampoo. I think the makers also liked the volume a dry shampoo gave but knew most people would stay clear of it so instead put a different name on it. I only got the travel size so I didn't waste loads. I guess this isn't bad but I won't rush back for more.

There's so many different brands and eve hair types out there that I know not everyone is going to love some of these products but hopefully I have given you some ideas on how to treat your hair. Let me know what products you like or special techniques in getting super big hair!

Sinead x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jazz Hands

I know I am a bit late but just realised I had taken a picture of my Christmas/Winter inspired nails. I figured most people would go for red or glitter polishes for the festive season so I decided to think outside the box and create penguins. I think I spent nearly two hours perfecting these little guys, but now I know what I am doing I will fly through them next time.

All you need is black and white nail polish, I used Barry M Black for the main body, the Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener then an orange nail art pen. I will do a tutorial on how to create the finished look soon.

Hope you like it!

Heres the colours I used

If you don't have a the patience, or a steady hand you could always use the Nail Rock nail wraps. They come in a variety of styles and colours, they look really cool and are easy to apply, simply choose a wrap that fits your nail, gently apply it from the cuticle up and press down to stick in place. Certain brands require you to give your tips a blast under a hair dryer to really seal them on. Then just file off the edge and away you go. If you want them to last for an extra few days simply apply a coat of clear gloss.

Heres some of my favourite wraps, the leopard print and black and white stripe. Also the Bling transfers allows you to apply a transfer with added gems for that extra glam look.

Nail Rock Nail Wraps

Bling Nail Wraps

Now there is no need to hide your hands with the chipped polish, just wrap and go. And if your feeling creative paint your own patterns like me to be really unique.

Sinead x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Legs Eleven

Getting ready for a night out or a day of retail therapy can be tricky in the Winter as we seem to be stuck wearing trousers or denims as we don't want to get our pins out in the freezing cold, so what better way to bring some colour or pattern to an outfit - pretty tights of course!

This season a lot of the high end designers have added tights to their catwalk looks to really jazz up the most simplest of outfits. From Chanel to Prada the fashion world has been taken over by these leggy lovelies, and in homage here are some of my favourites from the high street.

Firstly I spotted Daisy Lowe wearing a pair of the Henry Holland suspender tights about two years ago. I fell in love with these, they covered the legs but added a certain sexiness and glamour to the outfit, I searched high and low for these and finally discovered they were from the House of Holland range. I finally found them and bought a pair for around €18/£15, considering I had never spent more than a €5/£3, this seemed a bit expensive. Over time they became more and more popular and could be found in the likes of River Island and Topshop, and like most other trends these brands created their own version of the tights and were selling them for half the price. They can now be found in most high street store, Primark being the the cheapest at just €4/£2.50. Recently both Rihanna and Selena Gomez have been seen rocking this look.

The next look I have enjoyed trying out was the bondage style tights as seen on Cheryl Cole when she performed on the X-Factor last year. Again this look was by designer brand Wolfard but over time the look has been tamed and prices have dropped, I found these ones from Primark at just €4/£2.50. The strips are more subtle and can be easily worn as part of your day or night look.

Adding a splash of colour can be so easily done by wearing a bright pair of tights. recently Sarah Jessica Parker was pictured in her turquoise tights whilst publicising her new film. Sometimes this can be hard to pull off as you don't want legs like a frog but by choosing the right shade it can really bring an outfit to life. I got this pink pair from Dunnes Stores, but they can be found everywhere from Topshop to your everyday supermarkets.

Normally us ladies will do anything to banish spots but this season they are on our clothes, from blouses to skirts as well as accessories from handbags to head scarfs. So why not add some to your legs instead. They look really quirky and the sheer tights still allow you to show some skin. Marks & Spencer have done some fab spotty styles as well as New Look and Primark. If you are conscious of your legs you can vary the size of spot from a tiny pin size dot to a larger polka dot. My favourite are these ones, the tights and spots are both black so they don't overpower you with too many things going on at once. Khloe Kardashian looks great in her take on the spotty tights, her spots are little hearts, very girly!

I am not a fan of flesh coloured tights, I don't see the attraction in shimmery legs when I could just put on a small layer of tan, but I have been drawn to this retro pair. I like the 1950's feel and they look really nice with a pencil skirt. They have that stereotypical secretary look, but I think this looks nice from time to time.

Adding some girly flowers is also a fun way to wear tights, a variety of styles can be found ranging in colour and all different types of flowers, however I wanted to try a toned down version of this style so I picked up this pair from Tesco. The small pattern keeps them simple, and the dark colour again doesn't make them too in-your-face.

My all time favourite tights, be they boring, are the plain Cosy Tights from Primark. They are just standard plain opaque tights, they come in navy, black and brown. They have a layer of thin fleece inside that keep your legs super warm throughout the day. They aren't bulky and don't seem much thicker than regular tights but once you wear this in winter you won't want to go back to your regular tights. I often wear skirts or shorts during the day and these are so cosy - as you would expect with a name like that! I would often wear socks over my tights if I was wearing boots and sometimes wear two pairs of tights, but with these I can throw on just one pair and I am set for the day. I think these were €5/£3 for one pair.

So there you have, my run down of my simple approach to wearing tights. Let me know what your favourite kinds are.

Happy Shopping

Sinead x

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Soap & Glory

There is nothing better than soaking in a nice long bath with plenty of bubbles or a warm shower and a nice body butter to lather on when you get out to keep the skin moisturised. My all time favourite range of girly bath and beauty products is Soap & Glory. Not only are the names of the products quirky and fun, they also smell delicious and are really affordable.

 I find when I want to try out a new body scrub or  moisturiser I end up buying a large bottle and if I don't like it I am left with it and have wasted money. The great thing with Soap & Glory is that they sell most of their range in sample/travel sizes as well.

I buy all my Soap & Glory products from Boots but you can also find it in Harvey Nichols. There is often a 2 for 3 on the range in Boots which is an incentive to try something new. They also do fantastic sets which are great for gift idea and also just treats for yourself.

Firstly, when I get home from a long day at work, I like to take off my make up with the Off Your Face cleansing wipes. They come in a pack of 25 and feel nice on the skin. I have pretty sensitive skin and tend to take reactions to certain products but don't have any problems with these. I first tried these when I got one of the gift sets but have since gone out and bought more myself.

Off Your Face Facial Cleansing Wipes

Then when my face is nice and clean I like get ready for a nice hot shower and I always use my Clean On Me shower gel. This has a really creamy texture and comes in a large bottle with a pump so it is really handy as your not squeezing it or dropping it while you try to shake out the product. The smell is glorious and really lasts on the skin.
Clean On Me

As I am a tan-a-holic I like to exfoliate so I have two scrubs which I love to use. The first is Pulp Friction, this is a really fruity scrub. It is pretty thick and has loads of scrubbing beads so really helps remove tan and dead skin from the surface. It comes in a squeezy tube and comes out like a white paste. I also love Flake Away, again this has the signature smell. It comes in a tub which you can dig your hand into and take as much product as you like. It too has plenty of scrubbing beads, and resembles brown sugar in the tub, its pretty thick but spreads on well. I also have the exfoliating mitts which I like to use on places like my elbows or knees and heels when I am trying to remove tan as they really give a good scrub.

Flake Away

Pulp Friction

Sometimes I like to relax in a bath if I have the time so then I like to use Calm One, Calm All bath lotion. Again this comes in a large bottle or the travel size bottle. You only need a small drop as it really bubbles up when it hits the water. It too has the same fruity, girly fragrance which helps you relax and unwind.

Calm One, Calm All

I like to exfoliate my face maybe once or twice a week so I have a couple of face wash's from the range also which I love. Scrub Your Nose In It is a marvellous facial wash, it can also be left on for a few minutes as a face mask for a more deep cleanse. I tend to get black heads around my nose so this is a good product for that. The next facial wash is Face Soap and Clarity. This is a 3-in-1 daily detox wash. It has gentle scrubbing beads which really clean out all your pores. It has extracts of plum which they say is a super fruit and it can brighten you skin, so I guess it's worth using. This one has a more menthol scent but I think this really opens your senses and hopefully your pores for a more deep clean. The third face scrub I have is Greatest Scrub Of All, this has gentle exfoliating beads which seem to burst open when you rub it in so it feels like it is really getting in to the skin. I don't use this one as often as the other two but it is probably good if you have clear skin without blackheads as it is less intense on the skin.
Face Soap and Clarify

Scrub Your Nose In It

Greatest Scrub Of All

When I get out and dry off - and I am all wrinkly, I like to put on a layer of The Righteous Butter. This helps lock in moisture into the skin and is really creamy and luxurious on the skin. The scent really sinks into the skin and stays there throughout the day.

The Righteous Butter

On my face I use Clear Here which is an oil controlling gel for the t-zone. I have pretty oily skin on my face which is really annoying as my make up tends to slide off my face, so I try to use this to help battle that. It helps matify the skin in the t-zone area. Another face cream from the range is Glow Job, this is like a tinted moisturiser. It is a white coloured cream with little beads which burst when rubbed into the skin. It is meant to give you a slight glow but I find it just looks like I have a dirty face, which is never a good look after the age of 3. I personally don't like tinted moisturisers so perhaps that's why I am not a fan of this, however if you have sallow skin and only need a slight touch of colour this product would be great.

Glow Job

Clear Here
If I am going on a night out where I am showing my legs I always spray on Easy Glistening, this is described as an almond dry-oil. I used to put on a tiny bit of baby oil on my legs to make them look nice and glossy, but since I discovered this product I have never gone back. It doesn't smudge my tan which is an added bonus. It just makes legs look more attractive and lean...it's kind of hard to describe without putting the image of wet-look legs in your head. Trust me, this works and I always get comments and compliments when I use it. Be careful where you spray it though as I first used it in my bedroom which has a wooden floor, and returning from my night out I fell on my bottom as soon as I walked in the door, not from having too many drinks but just from the oil being all over the floor.I have since learnt my lesson and stand on a mat or towel when spraying it. You can also use it on your chest or shoulders just to highlight them.

Easy Glistening

I like to keep a tube of Hand Food in my locker in work as well as one at home. Washing your hands or even just the weather can dry them out so it is nice to have a good hand cream to keep them hydrated. This is a pretty popular product as I see it on a few desks around the office.

Hand Cream

When I feel like going the whole hog I use Heel Genius. This is a lovely foot cream which helps soften the skin on your heels. It's nice to put on before bed as it can soak in without having to put socks on, also in the summer when your feet are on show, its nice to give your little Piggy's a treat as well I guess.

Heel Genius

Soap & Glory also have a cosmetics and make-up range. I don't have many of these  as I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to make up, but I am definatly starting to venture out more, I really like the look of their bronzers and blushers. I previously used the Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil, I literally used it down to a stump so I don't have an original pic for you (sorry). This is a really fun product and goes on really well. It's double ended so one end shades in the brows and then the highlighter can go just on the brow bone to give some definition. I also use the Mother Pucker lip gloss. You have to be careful how you say that! This comes in a few shades but has special lip plumping spheres which while fill out your lips and make everyone want to kiss you. It tastes nice on the lips as I think it has like a chocolate orange flavour and gives a really nice glossy finish.

Mother Pucker

So there you go, I normally need another shower again I am finished putting on all that but I would definatly recommend using the Soap & Glory range. If you have some Boots advantage card points or feel like trying something new this is definatly direction to go in.

Large Soap & Glory Christmas Set

Soap & Glory Gift Set
Apolagise if the lighting is off in some of the pics, it was dark all day. Bring on the summer! Let me know what you favourite product from the range is!
Sinead x